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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 28, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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695 has light volume. route 30 at emery road a. truck struck a pole which has wires down in the intersection. that will remain closed for the next hour or so. back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's 4:59, 29 degrees outside. her life had just begun. she had loving friends and a dedicated family, now the loved ones are preparing her funeral after investigators believe a 19-year-old woman toyed because she was texting while driving. abc2 sherrie johnson is here with reactions from family and friends. >> reporter: good morning. 19 we are old alicea bennett was less than mile away from home when she was killed a report says she was texting while driving plus alcohol and speed played a part in the deadly crash. it was about 2 a.m. on christmas eve. she was returning to her pasadena home when suteling she lost control of the car and hate tree. she later died at a local hospital and alicea would have turned 20 yesterday. her family and friends gathered at the crash site to celebrate her life.
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her father doesn't want to speculate but has a strong message if texting led to his daughter's death. >> she did die because she was sending or receiving a text, that needs to stop. it's senseless for a child to lose their life because of that. >> reporter: if you with a like information on her viewing and funeral log onto for details. sherrie johnson, abc2 now is. >> thanks. all new this morning, red cross is caring for somethings adults and an infant who lost their home following a house fire in randalstown. the fire impoted the-- gutted the home a little before 11. crews battled heavy smoam. the family was -- smoke. the family was unhurt. they are not sure what caused the fire. after the snow fiasco yesterday, things are get being back up in the air again. slowly but surely, flights are beginning to board and lift off. and it's not bwi's fault. it's the backlog of other jets especially at laguardia and jfk which just reopened last night
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at seven. abc2 spoke with passengers all day because they had nothing to do but talk. they are hungry and upset because they can't get answers. >> flight has been pushed back from one to 3:00. so, i he doesn't know if i will -- i don't know if i will get back. i have my 7-year-old dog with no food and it's been a rough weekend. i've been giving him table scraps. but it's a long weekend for him. >> again, you are urged to call ahead and check with your airline before even leaving to head to the airport. yesterday, we told you about the arrest of a bank robber in fallston. har forecounty sheriff deputies are going -- harford county sheriff deputies are going into his home. they found a jacket, shotgun with a scope and bags of money. to further build the case, police found two vehicles described in the robberies. they were both sitting in the driveway. >> the suspect in this bank
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robbery matches the description of the suspect from two previous bank robberies we are handling from last week. >> he is suspect of holding up the bb and t bank on december 1th and came back four days later to hit the same bank. peters 35, was arrested yesterday. maryland senator mikulski will hate milestone when she is worn in for the 5th term and will be the longest serving women in the history of the u.s. senate. 74-year-old won her seat in 1986 and she has been known as the dean of democratic women in the senate and a leader on key women's issues. baltimore ravens sergio kindle will need more than a friend e needs a lawyer after police say they arrested him on drunk driving charges. according to court papers, police pulled him over sunday morning e has not played for the ravens so far after cracking his skull after falling down two flights of stairs in late july
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back in texas. all right. so we know the ravens won and we know they are in the playoffs, but there's much more to be decided. and they could make a difference in the playoff fortunes. afc north is up for grabs if the steelers beat the browns in cleveland, they are division champs. however if the browns pull off the upset and ravens take care of business here againsts bengals baltimore wins and the number two seed in the afc. otherwise the ravens will be a wild card and travel to kansas city, indianapolis or jacksonville depending on how this weekend shakes out. so still plenty to play for here in charm city. they are supposed tonight perfect gift for anyone. but not everyone likes them. what do you do if you get a gift card for store you probably won't walk in? we have tips for you coming up. time to check in with the trains and bus and for that let's go to the mta mark jones. >> reporter: good morning a few
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bus diversions. 30 bus diverting at edmonson and swan. light rail and metro subway operating on schedule. on the marc trains on time service on the penn camden and brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i am curbing. , ĂșcĂș;ckca/
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and welcome back. time 5:08. are you having a birthday? if so, we want to know about it. send an e-hale with an attached photo of yourself or friend or family member to morning show at try to get it in a few days in advance so we can get the graphics made up. if you have other interesting photos of pets, anniversaries, birthdays or a picture of the day, we love sunrises and sun sets here a at abc2. send them to morning show at and include pertinent facts about the photograph so we can give outcredit you deserve. justin. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by
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weatherate. >> just looking over the data from yesterday. at 9:45, bwi had a 51-mile-per-hour wind gusts. among the top in the state. all right. it's a good thing we pull back, the storm gets out and the snow ocane. pressure levels equivalent to a category three hurricane. as that pulled off the new england shoreline. that's still an impressive and i say it one more time epic storm. >> epic. >> it was an epic storm. 27 in baltimore. 30 in easton. we never got the cold air settling in here. part of that is because of outside hurricanes themselves, dramatic sink air that compresses and warms the atmosphere and that's the case with this system as well. that's why we cleared things out and we are clear this morning. the wind chill taking us down to 16. pu we have lots of sunshine with the dry air. not that cold this morning. not that mild this afternoon. 37. it will feel like 20s with the breeze. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> reporter: traffic pretty clear this morning as well.
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looking live at 95, in between the beltways, traffic is flowing freely between 695 and 495. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. it's a clear ride between mount carmel road approaching the beltway. no delays to let you know about. we are work one accident on the ground that's ann upper co. route 30 at emery road a truck struck a electrical pole that brought down wires in the intersection. that's closed a while. charlie, back to you. >> thanks a lot. heavy snows and strong winds reek havoc along the east coast. we will update you on the problems many are having trying to get around this morning. look at the images from yesterday. this is new york city. absolute blizzard conditions. as justin said, epic. it's 5:10 on this december 28th. good morning, maryland, we are back in a bit. hey stainbusters, my son loves pizza but this was a first -
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grease on his back ! i totally missed it, another shirt ruined.
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good thing the power of resolve is now for laundry in our new in wash stain remover. try this. just treat the stains you see and add to the wash for the ones you miss. the stainseekers will find, penetrate and lift away the toughest stains. wow ! trust resolve. forget stains. check your sunday paper for your high-value resolve in wash coupon. time 5:13 -- 5:13. the weather promise to warm up, it's the start of dig out across the northeast and new england that's going to give a lot of headaches today there. are tons and tons of snow to
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move out and millions of passengers desperate to get where they want to be. emily schmidt mass the latest this morning -- has the late theft morning. >> reporter: the snow is no long -- the latest this morning. >> reporter: the snow is no longer he falling. >> i am trying to get out of this disaster. >> reporter: people from north carolina to maine are digging out from up to 3 feet of snow. south of boston, the storm causes flooding and fires. new york city has seen five worse storms since it started keeping records nearly 150 years ago. >> i thought more streets would be cleared, but when i came out, i realized how bad it was. >> reporter: snow fell 2 to 3 inches an hour, trapping more than 500 subway passengers. >> nine hours. no heat, no nothing. >> reporter: new york three major airports reopened last night. it is easier to move tons of snow than passengers stranded nationwide by nearly 7,000 canceled flights. >> i came from milwaukee to
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cleveland and i got canceled after i came here and i am waiting on a flight to providence. >> i was supposed to go out at 11:50 and now it's until thursday. >> reporter: boston logan airport could be friday before every stranded passenger is rebooked. >> it's almost like having three storms. the snow, and the heavy winds and then when we get to melting at the end of the week we have to scrape again. >> reporter: travel is a little better by train. amtrak warns passengers should expect up to hour long days even cancellations between boston and washington today. emily schmidt, abc news. 5:15. we are looking outside at clear skies. you can see actually some of the exhaust coming from the building over our logo there. not much of a push sideways like yesterday. there is angle to it. so the wind is being pushed from the northwest, but not nearly as strong as what we had yesterday. it is an improvement as we roll
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ourselves back closer to reality. let's check out the almanac. it shows on this date we are at 25 in the morning and 43 in the afternoon. not quite at seasonable levels. but reasonable levels as we head through today. 10 the record low back in 1950. 1946, the sun up at 7:25 and down at 4:51 and here's setup and we will focus on the northeast because everybody is talking about the northeast. we are at 27, 28 in new york. and it's 19 right now in boston. and they are dealing with winds and those winds are taking them down to a 3 above wind chill. 17 new york. 16 here in baltimore. we are generally looking at single dejts across central pa. it's amazing to see the snow hold that showed up on the visible satellite pictures. snow extending towards atlanta, georgia. but almost this hole right around central pa down through baltimore just west of the bay and through northern virginia with a lack of it. snow showers near bingehamton
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new york and up to the burbs of syracuse. that's about it. everybody is settling down. and we have a quiet pattern here. cloud on back in towards the mountain. maybe snow showers and they are in pretty good shape. people are concerned. friend are go out there for new year's weekend and expect it to be wet. but they have got snow. so you can get maybe some wet conditions if you will, but it shouldn't be too bad. we expect rain to roll in on new year's day. dry this morning and we will probably be dry, maybe a few passing clouds this evening. we are going to wait for the next system approach with clouds on thursday. that's going to be the leading edge of the system that rolls through the weekend but also a push of warmer air. we have the sunshine for today. not nearly as strong with the wind. 38 degrees will feel like the upper 20s and low 30s instead of like yesterday. for tonight, back down to 21. a partly cloudy sky and then we are back with sun tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds. but less winds. let's focus on that.
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after 51-mile-per-hour winds yesterday, we will take it 10 to 15-mile-per-hour gusts. five-day forecast in a moment. let's go to kim with traffic. >> reporter: for those traveling on 795, you are not going to find issues the stretch from route 140 on down towards the beltway. all the lanes are open and there are no delays. look live at the beltway, 695 at liberty road, outer and inner loop moving well. probably another light to moderate travel day as many folks are still on the winter break. checking the maps, we have one accident that's up in upper co route 30 at emery road, an accident brought wires down and that could be choseed a while. but no problems on the 83s and we are looking good at both tunnels. now back to you. >> thanks. they are the perfect gift. but what happens when the gift card is for a store you never shop and don't like it? karin caifa has more suggestions on the unwanted gift cards. >> reporter: they are supposed
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to be one size fits all. but sometimes a gift card is not such a good fit. and with gift card a big hit this holiday season, there are -- there are bound to be a few misses. so rather than let that gift card stay in your wallet, a number of websites had let you trade them for one you will use or for cash. plastic youngel will pay up to 92% of the value of your gift card via check, pay pal or gift card and along with card pool another site that buys your cards at a discount, they also give you the option of receiving facebook credits for games and other apps in return. gift card rescue and the gift card trader let you exchange cards with other users. and there are also plenty of option for buying and selling on sites like ebay and craigslist so the usual online commerce caskates a-- caveats apply. if you want to donate it to a
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charity or nonprofit organization. for consumer watch, i am karin caifa. >> only one gift card goes right, visa, american express or cash. entertainment news, the music industry continues to mourn the loss of grammy nominated r and b singer tina marie. she died saturday at the age of 54. authorities said her death appeared to be of natural causes. a tribute to the ivory queen of soul is set outside her house. the latest album feature a tribute to martin luther king's widow and a tribute to president obama. talk about an angry young lady. alanis morrissette the singer's and her husband welcome the baby boy on christmas day. everyone is reported to be healthy and happy. it's a merry christmas indeed. ironic doesn't you think? well wedding bells will be ringing for le ann rimes and
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cibrian. they later divorced their spouses and have been together since. it's a hollywood love storych the two got engaged over the holidays while spending christmas at the l.a. home. rimes is wearing a five carat oval diemon set and tweeted their lives are filled with love. and sir elton john is a new daddy. he and his significant other become the parents of a 7 pound 15 ounce baby boy. excuse me while i get water because here the kid's name zachary jackson leaveon furnish john born on christmas day to a surrogate in california. first child for the 62-year-old elton john and his partner 48-year-old who was married in 2005. they say they are overwhelmed with happiness and the joy of this very special moment. congratulationses to them. it's 5:21. we tell you about the dangers that come with distracting driving. now a maryland family is dealing with the tragedy firsthand.
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coming up, we will tell you how many think it may have happened to this beautiful pasadena teen on christmas eve. a pending milestone for bar about a -- barbara mikulski. what distinction she receives when sworn in to the u.s. senate next month. ,
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. now we get a chance to look at exten outlook here. and we are -- extended outlook here. and this is the first time in about thee weeks we get a substantial change in the pattern. instead of being stuck below normal. we get back to near normal levels and it's into the 40s. 37 today. the most important thing today while it will be breezy it will not be windy. wind pushing 50 miles per hour yesterday. and definitely a bit much for all of us to handle. so, we cut that in half and maybe get gusts to 20 to 25. that's an improvement and it will feel cooler than the 37 but mostly sunny skies.
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looks like tomorrow will be a day we will see sun with increasing clouds. and looks like we will be in and out of the clouds. they are flash on the screen wednesday and thursday and friday. next storm system approaches and we go from 38 tomorrow to 42 thursday and friday, 46 degrees actually should be fine for any sort of first night activities and new year's eve being a tits for whatever your plans are. new year's day is going to be a mild one but it will come with the threat of rain and 52. not a lot of washout but we are expecting to pull back into the lower 40s by early next week and then over the horizon, winter is not done. we will we could be watching something from the south. let's watch what's going on new york. now up to new york for the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, a new number one on amazon best seller list. company says its third generation kindle is the best selling product in the history beating out the final harry potter book. sales don't appear to be hurt by the ipad. amazon says many people buying
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kindle own tablets. one rent ipad is popular is games in one of the newest games for the device is the party classic jinga. you're better off playing the real thing. >> the thing that's challenging about jinga for ipad is three no physical feedback when you are trying play the game. the physics of real life are incorporated into the game but it's frustrating. you keep nothing the tower down over and over again. because it's very hard to understand the effect your moves are having. >> reporter: the game cost the 9 -- 99 cents and is available for the iphone. throws tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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whether now, "good morning, maryland. deadly christmas receive crash takes a life of this
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pasadena teen. what many think may have caused the accident. and after a day of frozen travel and traffic the northeast tries to get back on its feet and get you back to your destination. and overnight fire in baltimore county the intense moments for fire crews and the escape by 6 adults and one infant. it's tuesday. december 28th. good morning, maryland, i am charlie crowson. megan has the day off and she will be back tomorrow. time to check in for your tuesday forecast. and for that, let's say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. justin. >> reporter: good morning to you. and our headlines for today and i think this is going to be my phrase and mont are a at least for the next 24 hours. or so. not seasonal. not seasonable but reasonable. >> work gypped in. >> no that's yesterday that's out. the wind settled down. gust up to 20 miles per hour maybe 25. and as we head through the day, we should see an improvement. temperatures in the upper 30s and we have a warmup on the way. we will


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